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Are you tired of working trade shows and Sportsmen’s Expos, cutting into your profit margin and free time? Do you wish that you could avoid talking to 100 people about your business only to find one client that might pan out in the next year or three? Consider leveraging technology with professionals; read on.

Big Country, established in 2006, is a full-service marketing studio developing custom websites, videos, merchandise, brochures, and other handouts for our clients in the hunting and fishing industries internationally. Our primary focus is on outfitters offering many different species all over the world. Big Country clients enjoy exclusive rights to our services for their specific area and species; we do NOT promote the competition. Key to our success is the fully customized look and feel of all our products, on-site photography, videography of content from client hunting and/or fishing offerings. We reflect client’s actual experience in an authentic online presence to market their business.

All websites are not created equally, there are 'digital postcards' and then there are 'traffic-stopping, eye-popping sites' that grow your business beyond your expectations. One of the most important things about a website is that people want to see it and that it will inspire a buzz, via word of mouth, social media, and email. In today's age of technology, just about anyone can create a web page, but it takes a lot more experience and talent to create a full marketing strategy. Client retention is extremely important to us. We are keenly focused on providing our all-inclusive services for development, maintenance, and analysis for multi-year commitments and renewals.

In our travels, we have surveyed many hunters and we've heard some of the horror stories about outfitters. We’ve lived out more than a few of those outfitter nightmares ourselves. We have hunted with and stand behind all our clients as reputable; for those of you just looking for a great hunt or charter, please contact any of our trusted outfitters. We’ve enjoyed so much success for our clients over the years we’ve become close enough to hunt and fish together in and out of our network of businesses. Give us a call and find out what we can do for your business.

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Outfitters are our business


Iron Gate Lodge

Iron Gate Lodge

Josh is owner/operator of Iron Gate Lodge in Oswego, KS and provides trophy whitetails, both Rio Grande and Eastern Wild Turkeys for Gun and Bow Hunters. Josh is also a Real Estate Agent for Mossy Oak Properties


Duck Mountain Outfitters


Tom is owner/operator of Duck Mountain Outfitters in Manitoba Canada and provides trophy black bears (including color phases bears) for Gun and Bow Hunters.


Southern Woods Plantation


South of Sylvester, Georgia, set among towering pines, Southern Woods Plantation offers a world-class upland paradise hosting sportsman for both day trips & overnight excursions


Trophy Georgia Hunts


Gary provides deer and turkey hunting in Southwest GA and Miss Mel serves up some of the finest Southern dishes you’ll find anywhere.


Wildlife Art Creations

wildlife art creations

Tony is a Taxidermist operating in the greater Jacksonville, FL area and has mounted virtually every trophy taken for Big Country Studios.  A true artist and talented Husband and Wife team, Wildlife Art Creations.


Your Site


Do you provide hunts for Elk, Barren Ground Caribou, Pheasant?  Do you charter fishing trips and want to become part of the Big Country family?  Call Today.


What we create


Web Design

Customized sites with intuitive navigation and lots of content define our designs.  Our services are not offered a la carte, our packages are all inclusive service.  Our design is a digital representation of our clients' offering with their content, not stock pictures. 

Web Development

Our development includes a unique signature that serves as a memorable experience to visitors to the site.  We strive to 'raise the bar' with every project in order to provide a hot new look and feel to client web presence.


In today's age of booming technology it seems new browsers and devices hit the market everyday.  Testing our products and developing compatible content is a constant challenge. 


Many guides and outfitters spend lots of time and money working trade shows.  Analyzing the traffic generated by that show helps our clients determine what shows provide the best exposure for them and their resources. 


Brand Creation

Logo Design, color schemes, matching web presence, print materials and other handouts adds a level of authentication to the business.  This process begins with several concepts to be reviewed by the client to ensure that the project is headed in the right direction.



It is all too common to see a site that has not been maintained and has become stale and out-of-date.  Continually adding new content to web pages is key to continued traffic on it.  Incrementally posting new content and updates is part of our strategy.


Engaging clients on location is part of our competitive advantage. Filming and Photographing all aspects of the hunt, guide service, region and game provide a completely personalized product.  We use all available content provided by clients and taken in the field.

Video Editing

Cutting video into commercial grade promotions is one of our features. Adding video to the web brings traffic and referrals.

Print Design

Tri-folds, Booklets, and flyers are some of the services we provide. We do not publish but research and facilitate it through vendors on location to save on shipping costs. The scalable nature of these products are expensed to clients directly.




Videos are a very popular and inexpensive method of advertising online and through fully developed handout DVDs. These are some examples of some older projects, on-site videography, filming Big Country hunts and splicing multi-source content together into a finished product. We've recently upgraded to HD cameras and HD footage editing is in progress. 'Autovideography', when a hunter films his own hunt/harvest of game, is possible in some scenarios and we've captured a couple of Pope and Young shots on camera.

Building a business and reputation in the industry takes a lot of hard work. Identifying with a particular icon, color scheme, font and theme to match your services confirms legitimacy, professionalism, reliability and customer loyalty. Customers may not remember names as readily as they remember a logo, so a logo can be the key to repeat business and referrals.

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Please contact us for additional information about our services. We have offices in Florida and Colorado.

You can also call us at 904-910-0593.